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IconEdit2 is a handy program that lets you edit existing icons or create new ones. It lets you create new icons in different ways, such as from scratch, from captured screen areas, or by converting images. Furthermore, it supports both importing from and exporting to a large variety of graphic file formats, including ICO, BMP, GIF, PNG, and so on.

As you can see, IconEdit2 is a powerful, comprehensive and feature-rich utility. It also allows manipulating the color depths and sizes of the icons, up to 256x256 pixels. It comes with support for alpha channel (semi-transparency), letting you add transparency to the icons, and it comes with many brushes and other editing tools. Multiple undo and redo operations can be performed as well. Last but not least, it even provides support for basic color adjustments and for applying effects (filters) like blur, emboss, etc.

Despite coming packed with a lot of features and functions, IconEdit2 is also easy-to-use. Its interface is neat and intuitive. It also looks good, offering an original display of the main panels.

In conclusion, IconEdit2 is a powerful icon editor that offers everything’s needed for the accurate, easy, and effective creation and manipulation of icon files.

Margie Smeer
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